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Lon Chaney: Film List

He was the Man of a Thousand Faces, giving life to an array of deformed and grotesque characters like no other actor or makeup artist before him. So impressive was Lon Chaney at his craft that he not only made spectating movie audiences scream from his shocking and frightening appearances, he also had them sympathizing with the tragic figures that gave those same patrons nightmares! Born on April Fool's Day of 1883 to def and mute parents, Chaney quickly learned to skillfully use his hands, body, and facial expressions to communicate with them. This invaluable tool also served to amplify his ability to reach his audience throughout his career on the theatrical stage and up on the silver screen. Chaney had great respect for those with physical limitations and imperfections, which society usually shunned. Crew members and fellow actors admired and adored him for his kindness and generosity -- including the great Boris Karloff. In fact, the dedicated silent era actor allowed himself to suffer greatly under the extreme body contortions and harsh makeup he applied on himself when playing certain memorable roles. Chaney was additionally blessed with the talents for signing, dancing, comedy, and voices -- the latter of which is evident in The Unholy Three (1930), his last film and the only "talkie" he ever appeared in before his untimely death. Unfortunately, most of Lon Chaney's films are currently lost, but several have managed to resurface with time. Today, we are fortunate to have a few examples of some of his greatest work, including The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Phantom of the Opera, and West of Zanzibar, to name a few.

Alas and Alack (1915) -- final minutes of film are missing
Almost an Actress (1913) -- lost film
Back to Life (1913) -- lost film
The Blood Red Tape of Charity (1913) -- lost film
Bloodhounds of the North (1913) -- lost film
An Elephant on His Hands (1913) -- lost film
Poor Jake's Demise (1913)
Red Margaret, Moonshiner (1913; a.k.a. Moonshine Blood) -- lost film
The Restless Spirit (1913) -- lost film
The Sea Urchin (1913) -- lost film
Shon the Piper (1913) -- lost film
Suspense (1913) -- most likely played one of the tramps
The Trap (1913) -- lost film
The Ways of Fate (1913) -- lost film
By the Sun's Rays (1914)
Discord and Harmony (1914) -- lost film
The Embezzler (1914) -- lost film
The End of the Feud (1914) -- lost film
The Forbidden Room (1914) -- lost film
Her Bounty (1914) -- lost film
Her Escape (1914) -- lost film
Her Grave Mistake (1914) -- lost film
Her Life's Story (1914) -- lost film
The Higher Law (1914) -- lost film
The Honor of the Mounted (1914) -- lost film
The Hopes of Blind Alley (1914) -- lost film
The Lamb, the Woman, the Wolf (1914) -- lost film
The Lie (1914) -- lost film
Lights and Shadows (1914) -- lost film
The Lion, the Lamb, the Man (1914) -- lost film
The Menace to Carlotta (1914; a.k.a. Carlotta, the Bead Stringer) -- lost film
A Miner's Romance (1914) -- lost film
A Night of Thrills (1914) -- lost film
The Old Cobbler (1914) -- lost film
The Oubliette (1914)
The Pipes o' Pan (1914) -- lost film
A Ranch Romance (1914) -- lost film
Remember Mary Magdalen (1914) -- lost film
Richelieu (1914) -- lost film
The Tragedy of Whispering Creek (1914) -- lost film
The Unlawful Trade (1914) -- lost film
Virtue Is Its Own Reward (1914) -- lost film
All for Peggy (1915) -- lost film
Bound on the Wheel (1915) -- lost film
The Chimney's Secret (1915) -- lost film
The Desert Breed (1915) -- lost film
The Fascination of the Fleur de Lis (1915) -- only a fragment survives
Father and the Boys (1915) -- lost film
For Cash (1915) -- lost film
The Girl of the Night (1915; a.k.a. Her Chance) -- lost film
The Grind (1915; a.k.a. On the Verge of Sin) -- lost film
An Idyll of the Hills (1915) -- lost film
Lon of Lone Mountain (1915) -- lost film
Maid of the Mist (1915) -- lost film
The Measure of a Man (1915) -- lost film
The Millionaire Paupers (1915) -- only a fragment of the film survives
A Mother's Atonement (1915) -- only part of the film survives
Mountain Justice (1915) -- lost film
Outside the Gates (1915) -- lost film
The Oyster Dredger (1915) -- lost film
The Pine's Revenge (1915) -- lost film
Quits (1915) -- lost film
The Sin of Olga Brandt (1915) -- lost film
A Small Town Girl (1915) -- lost film
The Star of the Sea (1915) -- lost film
Steady Company (1915) -- lost film
The Stool Pigeon (1915) -- lost film
The Stronger Mind (1915) -- lost film
Stronger Than Death (1915) -- lost film
Such Is Life (1915) -- lost film
The Threads of Fate (1915) -- lost film
The Trust (1915) -- lost film
Under a Shadow (1915) -- lost film
The Violin Maker (1915) -- lost film
When the Gods Played a Badger Game (1915; a.k.a. The Girl Who Couldn't Go Wrong) -- lost film
Where the Forest Ends (1915) -- lost film
Accusing Evidence (1916) -- re-edited version of earlier film(s)
Bobbie of the Ballet (1916) -- lost film
Dolly's Scoop (1916)
Felix on the Job (1916) -- lost film
The Gilded Spider (1916; a.k.a. The Full Cup) -- lost film
The Grasp of Greed (1916; a.k.a. Mr. Meeson's Will) -- only part of the film survives
The Grip of Jealousy (1916) -- lost film
If My Country Should Call (1916) -- only parts of the film survive
The Mark of Cain (1916; a.k.a. By Fate's Degree) -- lost film
The Place Beyond the Winds (1916) -- most of the film survives
The Price of Silence (1916) -- lost film
Tangled Hearts (1916) -- only a few minutes of footage exist
Anything Once (1917) -- lost film
Bondage (1917) -- lost film
A Doll's House (1917)
The Empty Gun (1917) -- lost film
Fires of Rebellion (1917) -- lost film
The Flashlight (1917; a.k.a. The Flashlight Girl) -- lost film
The Girl in the Checkered Coat (1917) -- lost film
Hell Morgan's Girl (1917) -- lost film
The Mask of Love (1917) -- lost film, retitled & re-release of an unknown earlier film
Pay Me! (1917; a.k.a. Pay Day/The Vengeance of the West) -- lost film
The Piper's Price (1917) -- lost film
The Rescue (1917) -- lost film
The Scarlet Car (1917)
Triumph (1917) -- only part of the film survives
Broadway Love (1918)
A Broadway Scandal (1918) -- lost film
Danger, Go Slow (1918) -- lost film
Fast Company (1918) -- lost film
The Grand Passion (1918) -- lost film
The Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin (1918; a.k.a. The Kaiser) -- lost film
Riddle Gawne (1918) -- only part of the film survives
The Talk of the Town (1918) -- lost film
That Devil, Bateese (1918) -- lost film
False Faces (1919)
A Man's Country (1919) -- lost film
The Miracle Man (1919) -- only a fragment of the film survives
Paid in Advance (1919)
Victory (1919)
When Bearcat Went Dry (1919)
The Wicked Darling (1919)
Daredevil Jack (1920) -- only parts of the film survive, 15-chapter serial
The Gift Supreme (1920) -- only part of the film survives
Nomads of the North (1920)
Outside the Law (1920)
The Penalty (1920)
Treasure Island (1920) -- lost film
The Ace of Hearts (1921)
Bits of Life (1921) -- lost film
For Those We Love (1921) -- lost film
Voices of the City (1921; a.k.a. The Night Rose) -- lost film
A Blind Bargain (1922; a.k.a. The Octave of Claudius) -- lost film
Flesh and Blood (1922)
The Light in the Dark (1922; a.k.a. The Light of Faith)
Oliver Twist (1922)
Quincy Adams Sawyer (1922)
Shadows (1922)
The Trap (1922; a.k.a. Heart of a Wolf)
All the Brothers Were Valiant (1923) -- lost film
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923)
The Shock (1923)
While Paris Sleeps (1923) -- lost film
He Who Gets Slapped (1924)
The Next Corner (1924) -- lost film
The Monster (1925)
1925 Studio Tour (1925) -- documentary
The Phantom of the Opera (1925)
The Tower of Lies (1925) -- lost film
The Unholy Three (1925)
The Blackbird (1926)
The Road to Mandalay (1926) -- film survives incomplete
Tell It to the Marines (1926)
London After Midnight (1927) -- only a 2002 reconstruction exists
Mockery (1927)
Mr. Wu (1927)
The Unknown (1927)
The Big City (1928) -- lost film
Laugh, Clown, Laugh (1928)
West of Zanzibar (1928)
While the City Sleeps (1928)
Thunder (1929) -- only a small fragment survives
Where East Is East (1929)
The Unholy Three (1930)

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