Thursday, September 16, 2021

My Last Movie Appearance?

Keep an eye out for this freaky flick. I had the privilege of working on a scene from the upcoming Troma film "Kill Dolly Kill," which is a sequel to "Dolly Deadly." I am not sure if I still appear in this film because, as it turned out, the footage used in the scene became a sort of short prequel called "Dolly Deadly 1.5". Regardless of where I end up, director Heidi Moore was a real pleasure to work with and took very good care of her actors. The experience was both fun and educational. My top hat off to all the cast and crew I met and for providing me great insight into this crazy, but rewarding world of entertainment.

Friday, July 23, 2021

Bloody Marys Are Great on Halloween!

Good times in the Sick-Shack from Halloween past with Silky Harlot, Cameo, and Bloody Mary 

Las Vegas Horror Host Vists Haunted Attraction !

The HORRORWOOD VIDEO haunted attraction in Las Vegas 2018 - Halloween.


I don't do frightened very well... I just end up looking like I'm part of the horror attraction. Oh, well... I tried. LOL - Sicko-Psychotic

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Exit Mama Lilith !

Hanging out with Zusie (a.k.a Mama Lilith from the Sicko-Psychotic show; 2018) before she left for medical school. It was sad for us who adore her, but was an exciting new venture for her.