Sunday, June 16, 2024

Jim Childs: Actor One-Sheet

Actor One-Sheet

 My first actor one-sheet as Jim Childs. Creating this has really helped to reinforce what my brand is and what my types are. 

Actor IMDb

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Jim Childs IMDbPro Starmeter

Las Vegas Actors IMDb

Thanks to everyone who has checked out my IMDb page. I believe this is the lowest number my starmeter has been (the lower the number, the better the rating). There will be new projects listed for this year, so keep checking periodically for announcements of what I've been working on. And be sure to support your local filmmakers and artists. 

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Drana Badour the Swami (Allen Harvey & Art Hern)

Murder Before Midnight (1950-1953 WBKB-4 Chicago, Illinois)

DRANA BADOUR (Allen Harvey & Art Hern)

Murder Before Midnight (Jan. 23, 1950-Aug. 24, 1953; WBKB-4; Chicago, Illinois)

During the dawn of the 1950s, local Chicago television station WBKB (Channel 4) was, in all actuality, ahead of its time when it produced and aired a little programmer called Murder Before Midnight. Every week a different movie thriller would be showcased and hosted by an unusual Swami character, who went by the name of Drana Badour. The strange mystic spoke in an eerie voice and wore the appropriate attire and turban. The show's macabre theme music would play as the time grew nearer for the film to begin. Captivated television viewers would then be lured into Drana Badour's crystal ball where the week's mystery or horror thriller would start.

Originally, the man behind the turban was WBKB's very own television announcer Allen Harvey (see top pic). Eventually, actor Art Hern took over the role of the mystic Drana Badour. Hern was a former radio actor, best remembered as one of the cast in the 1939-1949 radio program Captain Midnight. After the cancellation of Murder Before Midnight in 1953, Hern was cast as a regular in the television series The Happy Pirates, a children's program which starred Dick Two Ton Baker. At the time, WBKB changed ownership and was bought by ABC (Channel 7). Over the decades, Art Hern continued to work in various films, such as Simon, King of the Witches (1971), and Transylvania Twist (1989), up until his death at the age of 90.

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

The Magic of the Knight

Las Vegas film & TV shows: Dark Ops, Scorched Earth, Shadow Unit

From the looming mountains surrounding a little bustling tourist town affectionately called Sin City, to the vast and varying landscape of the the Nevada desert, it is not surprising that film production studios have taken an interest in the state's unique resources.

However, immersed in the middle of it all are the local creatives who seek an opportunity to give authentic representation and be part of the magic that is often reflected back to them on the screen. 

That is where Kight Studios comes in. Spearheaded by the intelligent, ambitious, and talented Alissa Knight and her wife, Melissa Knight, the studio has given actors, production crew, and others alike an opportunity to establish and secure themselves in the entertainment industry.

According to various interviews, testimonials from those who are a part of the Knight world paint a picture of support, creative freedom, and hard work - a place to develop their skills and learn from one another, all in a safe and team-oriented environment.

Moreover, the studio's website ( states it provides a training ground for those seeking a career in film production. That would make it an amazing opportunity for students and other Las Vegas locals to gain hands-on experience with a studio that is ever-evolving and expanding with each new project. 

Because of her professional background in cybersecurity, Alissa Knight has utilized her expertise in telling stories about computer hacking and other cyber crimes as witnessed in Underdog Games, Catastrophe Inc., Heat, Ransom, Dark Ops, Scorched Earth, and the up-and-coming Shadow Unit

Las Vegas actors Johanna Gordon & Andrew Chan
Like most people when they are busy, sometimes my focus and attention are on the projects I am personally involved in at the time, but regardless of that, word of the studio had been buzzing in my ear because of the awards they have been receiving. It wasn't until recently, however, that I had a chance to learn about the company. I must admit, that, whether it's a fault or a blessing of mine, I tend to geek out when I see people that I've worked with in the past on new productions. In this case, actress Johanna Gordon and actor Andrew Chan, (who I appeared with on Space Grandma back in early 2023) have joined the KS team on the series Dark Ops. And, although the episode that Chan appears in hasn't yet been released, I found myself hooked and binge-watched this past week every title KS has released to the public thus far. As a new viewer, I can safely say that I've been pulled into this world that Alissa Knight and her cast and crew created and I look forward to more. 

Also, check out The Alisa Knight Archives on YouTube.

SIDE NOTE: As you may have noticed this blog is undergoing reconstruction. In the last couple of years, my interests have expanded (some revisited like an old friend) and I have decided to include them to reflect what is important to me alongside TV horror hosting (particularly The Super Shock Show). I thank all of you for your support from the very start of this venture and to those who are discovering the show for the first time.