Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Terrence Sir (a.k.a. John Barclay)

TERRENCE SIR (John Barclay)
Nightmare Theater (Jan. 29, 1958-1958; KRON-TV; channel 4; San Francisco, California)

Voice actor, TV and radio producer John Barclay took over hosting Nightmare Theater as Terrence's father, Terrence Sir. It aired Wednesday nights at 10:35 pm. "To introduce Nightmare Theater on KRON in San Francisco, John Barclay enters as a two-faced monster from studio mummy's tomb wearing a grotesque mask on the back of his head and speaking in sepulchral tones learned during long years as a Shakespearean actor," is how LIFE magazine (May 26, 1958) described the host and the show. 

The Daily Independent Journal (Feb. 7, 1958) revealed much more information about the new host's debut and take over of Nightmare Theater: "Fans of the 'Nightmare' TV show have been startled the last two weeks to see a new face - and a bearded one at that. It belongs to Terrence Sr., father of Terrence Jr. who has been acting as host of the horror program on KRON. Senior stirred his creaky bones and left the comfortable dampness of his mummy's cage, just to return to life and see how Junior was making out with the television audience. During the course of a chat last Wednesday, Pop learned Son was doing fine, only he was getting a bit tired and and could use a little vacation. Now, you'll be seeing Senior on 'Nightmare' every Wednesday while Junior rests his creaky joints in the family tomb. Oh, yes, Terrence Sr. is really John Barclay of Sausalito, whose mannerisms on the air are faintly reminiscent of Boris Karloff. Barclay has had a long career as an... opera singer, dramatic actor and radio-TV writer [and] producer." The films shown were from the Shock! package.

FILMS SHOWN: The Black Cat (1934); Calling Dr. Death (1943); Chinatown Squad (1935); Dead Man's Eyes (1944); Dracula (1931); Dracula's Daughter (1936); Enemy Agent (1940); Frankenstein (1931); The Frozen Ghost (1945); The Invisible Man (1933); The Mummy (1932); The Mummy's Ghost (1944); The Mummy's Tomb (1942); The Mystery of Marie Roget (1942); Mystery of the White Room (1939); Sealed Lips (1942); The Strange Case of Doctor Rx (1942)


Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Uneasy Alliance !!!

Scene from Sicko-Psychotic's Super Shock Show featuring all your favorite characters L to R: Mr. Nasty, Sicko the King of Ghouls, Silky Harlot the Spider, and Cameo the Magic Camera Obscura. 

When I first took on my horror host persona it was my way of contributing to the horror genre and reach out to like-minded fans. But I wanted viewers to only see Sicko not the person behind the make-up - Jim Childs - so, I tried to keep them separate. I felt that Jim would be a distraction from simply enjoying the character and the wonderfully creepy and bizarre world the ol' ghoul lives in. In time, however, I realized that to promote the show and do interviews, Jim would have to step in and take over occasionally. For better or for worse, you got to see more of the creator side of me.

Monday, February 5, 2024

Sicko-Psychotic Pre-Production Shot #7

Who is this ghoulishly handsome devil? Why, ME!!! Sicko-Psychotic... of course... in the last of the pre-production shots. This one is actually used on the show as the portrait hanging in the Sick Shack. (Sicko-Psychotic's Super Shcok Show TV Series)

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Dwarf Star Films Presents STUCK !!!

Wanted to give you all a heads-up on a new film I was involved in called STUCK. It was filmed here in Las Vegas and I got to play a deliciously wicked role in it. Great script by producer/writer Ricky Gray Jr. and directed by local talent Danielle Patton. It also stars Yisrael Dubov and Brad Stein. Currently in post-production, keep your eyes open for this new psychological thriller by Dwarf Star Films. Many thanks to all for casting me and the fun I had working with the cast and crew.