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1.1 "SOMETHING SICK & TWISTED THIS WAY COMES" Sicko-Psychotic, a sadistic ghoul from Schlockuvania, and his venomous pet spider, Silky Harlot, move to Sin City and take over the Sick-Shack. They then trap the soul of the previous tenant inside a magic camera obscura and force it to project horror movies for Sicko to host. Meanwhile, a stranger in an executioner's mask appears unexpectedly. This first of a two-part episode features the movie Bloody Pit of Horror (1965) in glorious Psychovision!

1.2. "MY MAN FRIDAY ...THE 13TH" The conclusion of a two-part episode has Sicko-Psychotic and Silky Harlot battling it out with the masked stranger who's been stalking them. Also, Sicko's own mother, Mama Lilith, makes somewhat of a brief appearance! More origins are revealed. Features the gothic Italian classic film The Blancheville Monster from 1963!

1.3. "THIS OLD SHACK" After tripping over Mr. Nasty's masks, Sicko-Psychotic becomes jealous that the rest of the gang has been receiving fan "gifts." Deciding that the Sick-Shack isn't big enough to accommodate them all, Sicko scours the unreal estate ads looking for larger dwellings. Unfortunately, he is constantly interrupted by many uninvited (yuck) "PEOPLE" dropping by unannounced. Creepy dwellings is the theme as the gang host the unsettling motion picture The Vampires Night Orgy (1974)!

1.4. "SICKO-PSYCHOTIC'S TWISTED HALLOWEEN SPECIAL" Aunt Clarice and Mama Lilith arrive in time to dish out mischievous tricks and wicked treats as Sicko and the gang celebrate their first Halloween outing in the City of Sin. It's a tribute to the Silent Screams of yesteryear, featuring the first horror film ever made; a Georges Méliès short in color; and the earliest surviving version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. All of this is followed by Sicko's twisted and tasteless alteration of what horror fans consider the ultimate film classic of German Expressionism... The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920). Shot on location throughout Las Vegas and featuring a large cast... this one's epic!

1.5.  "THE NIECE FROM HELL" Sicko-Psychotic's rambunctious succbi niece, Sin'D-Psychotica, turns up the heat inside the Sick-Shack when she visits her favorite uncle and attempts to collect everyone's immortal soul. The cast host The Devil's Nightmare, a chilling shocker from 1971!

1.6. The Sick-Shack's deadly household plants, Drake and Shade, are up to no good. Chaos ensues when Sicko and the gang ignore Ilsa the Octopus' warning and accidentally zap one another with Aunt Clarice's magic wand, causing everyone's voice to switch. The crazy antics continue throughout the showing of Roger Corman's 1960 comedy schlock classic The Little Shop of Horrors!

1.7. "(DON'T) BE MY VALENTINE" Bloody Mary returns for this Valentine episode that features a modge podge of schlock movie clips when everything goes wrong on the wicked couple's first date!


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