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List of Georges Méliès Films: Part 3, 1907-1913

Master conjurer of the stage... extravagant wizard of fantastic filmmaking... Georges Méliès always gave his ventures his absolute best and the audience was always well rewarded. When Méliès began shooting films in 1896 he wasted little time in constructing the first film studio in Europe and establishing the first exclusive movie production firm -- the Star Film Company. By 1897, entrepreneur Méliès already had imitators -- such as The Haunted Castle, directed by magician George Albert Smith -- but none captured the quality of work that Méliès produced and labored over with intensity and enjoyment. Originally, his films were projected and shown at The Théâtre Robert-Houdin, but found further success at fairgrounds to which the films were sold to and showcased. Unfortunately, Méliès discovered that his beloved movies were being pirated and sold abroad by unscrupulous distributors like the Edison Company. As a deterrent, Star Films branched out in 1903 to Barcelona, Berlin, London, and even New York where Méliès' brother Gaston supervised distribution, marketing, and copyrights. Méliès' sale prices were much steeper than his competitors because he felt his films were better produced and more care was put into making them. One of the services he provided was the option to purchase, at an even higher price, versions of his films that he would painstakingly hand-color himself. By 1905 permanent movie theaters called Nickelodeons began to replace film exhibitions at fairs and the movies of Georges Méliès were especially in high demand. Because of the increasing popularity of Nickelodeons and the ever expanding film market, Méliès had a second and larger studio built -- Studio B. But such was only the beginning of bad financial investments that would inevitably lead Méliès into financial ruin. Although Méliès ultimately fell into obscurity, 1929 proved he was not completely erased from the minds of those who cherished his films. That same year honored Méliès in an article published by La Revue du Cinema and, in celebration of the great filmmaker's work, several of his films were screened at a gala in Paris. More than a century later, the films of Georges Méliès continue to reach out to new generations of fans as movies once thought lost are resurfacing at an impressive rate and are being shared with the adoring public. Listed below are his films from his final years, 1907-1913.

Ali Barbouyou et Ali Bouf à l'Huile (a.k.a. Delirium in a Studio) (1907)
Bernard le Bucheron (a.k.a. A Forester Made King) (1907) -- lost
La Boulangerie Modèle (a.k.a. Bakers in Trouble) (1907) -- lost
Le Carton Fantastique (a.k.a. A Mischievous Sketch) (1907) -- lost
La Colle Universelle (a.k.a. Good Glue Sticks) (1907) -- comedy
Le Délirium Tremens (1907) -- lost
La Douche d'Eau Bouillante (a.k.a. Rogues' Tricks) (1907) -- comedy
François Ier et Triboulet (a.k.a. The King and the Jester) (1907) -- comedy
Les Fromages Automobiles (1907) -- fantasy-comedy
Hamlet (1907) -- historical drama
L'Éclipse du Soleil en Pleine Lune (a.k.a. The Eclipse: Courtship of the Sun and Moon) (1907) -- fantasy
La Marche Funèbre de Chopin (a.k.a. Chopin's Funeral March Burlesqued) (1907) -- lost
Le Mariage de Victorine (a.k.a. How Bridget's Lover Escaped) (1907) -- comedy
La Mort de Jules César (1907) -- lost
La Nouvelle Peine de Mort (a.k.a. A New Death Penalty) (1907) -- lost
Nuit de Carnaval (a.k.a. A Night with Masqueraders in Paris) (1907)
Pauvre John ou les Aventures d'un Buveur de Whiskey (a.k.a. Sightseeing Through Whisky) (1907) -- comedy
La Perle des Servantes (a.k.a. An Angelic Servant) (1907) -- lost
Le Placard Infernal (a.k.a. The Bewildering Cabinet) (1907) -- horror
Robert Macaire és Bertrand (1907) -- comedy
Satan en Prison (a.k.a. Satan in Prison) (1907) -- horror
Seek and Thou Shalt Find (1907) -- lost
The Story of Eggs (1907) -- lost
Le Tunnel Sous la Manche ou le Cauchemar Franco-anglais (a.k.a. Tunneling the English Channel) (1907) -- adventure, fantasy
20000 Lieues Sous les Mers (a.k.a. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) (1907) -- adventure, sci-fi

Amour et Mélasse (1908)
Anaïc ou le Balafré (a.k.a. Not Guilty) (1908) -- drama
At the Hotel Mix-Up (1908) -- lost film
Au Pays des Jouets (a.k.a. Grandmother's Story) (1908) -- fantasy
La Bonne Bergère et la Mauvaise Princesse (a.k.a. The Good Sheperdess and the Evil Princess) (1908) -- fantasy
Buncoed Stage Johnnie (1908)
La Civilisation à Travers les Âges (a.k.a. Humanity Through the Ages) (1908) -- lost
Le Conseil de Pipelet, ou Un Tour â la Foire (a.k.a. Sideshow Wrestlers) (1908)
Conte de la Grand-mère et Rêve de l'Enfant (1908) -- fantasy
Le Crime de la Rue du Cherche-Midi à Quatorze Heures (1908) -- lost
La Cuisine de l'Ogre (a.k.a. In the Bogie Man's Cave) (1908) -- horror, fantasy
Don Quichotte (a.k.a. Incident from Don Quixote) (1908)
The Duke's Good Joke (1908) -- comedy, lost
Le Fabricant de Diamants (1908) -- lost
Le Fakir de Singapoure (a.k.a. The Indian Sorcerer) (1908) -- fantasy
La Fée Libellule (1908) -- lost
La Fête du Sonneur (1908) -- lost
La Fontaine Merveilleuse (1908) -- lost
French Interpreter Policeman (a.k.a. French Cops Learning English) (1908) -- documentary
Le Génie du Feu (a.k.a. The Genii of Fire) (1908) -- fantasy
Hallucinations Pharmaceutiques ou Le Truc de Potard (1908)
His First Job (1908)
Il y a un Dieu pour les Ivrognes (a.k.a. The Good Luck of a 'Souse') (1908)
Le Iugement du Garde-Champêtre (1908) -- comedy
L'Acteur en Retard (1908) -- lost
L'Agent Gelé (1908) -- lost
L'Ascension de la Rosière (1908) -- lost
L'Avare (a.k.a. The Miser) (1908)
Love and Molasses (1908) -- lost
A Love Tragedy in Spain (1908)
Lully ou Le Violon Brisé (1908)
Magic of Catchy Songs (1908) -- lost
La Main Secourable (1908) -- lost
Les Malheurs d'un Photographe (a.k.a. Les Mésaventures d'un Photographe) (1908) -- comedy
Mariage de Raison et Mariage d'Amour (1908) -- lost
Le Mariage de Thomas Poirot (a.k.a. Fun with the Bridal Party) (1908) -- comedy, lost
Moitié de Polka (1908) -- lost
Mystery of the Garrison (1908) -- lost
Le Nouveau Seigneur du Village (1908)
On Ne Badine Pas avec l'Amour (1908) -- lost
Oriental Black Art (1908) -- lost
Les Patineurs (1908)
Photographie Électrique à Distance (a.k.a. Long Distance Wireless Photography) (1908) -- sci-fi, comedy
Pochardiana (1908) -- lost
Pour l'Étoile S.V.P. (1908) -- comedy
Pour les P'tiots (1908) -- lost
La Prophétesse de Thèbes (a.k.a. The Prophetess of Thebes) (1908)
Quiproquo (a.k.a. A Mistaken Identity) (1908) -- lost
Le Raid Paris-New York en Automobile (a.k.a. Mishaps of the New York-Paris Race) (1908) -- lost
Le Rêve d'un Fumeur d'Opium (a.k.a. The Dream of an Opium Fiend) (1908)
Rivalité d'Amour (a.k.a. A Love Tragedy in Spain) (1908) -- lost
Rude Awakening (1908) -- lost
Salon de Coiffure (a.k.a. In the Barber Shop) (1908)
Le Serpent de la Rue de la Lune (1908) -- fantasy, lost
Le Tambourin Fantastique (a.k.a. Knight of Black Art) (1908)
Tartarin de Tarascon (1908) -- based on novel, lost
La Toile d'Araignée Merveilleuse (1908) -- lost
Les Torches Humaines (a.k.a. Justinian's Human Torches) (1908)
Le Trait d'Union (1908) -- lost
A Tricky Painter's Fate (1908) -- comedy
Trop Vieux! (1908) -- lost
Two Crazy Bugs (1908) -- lost
Two Talented Vagabonds (1908) -- lost
Voyage de Noces en Ballon (a.k.a. Honeymoon in a Balloon) (1908) -- lost
Why That Actor Was Late (1908)
The Woes of Roller Skates (1908) -- comedy
Wonderful Charm (1908) -- lost

Cinderella Up-to-Date (1909) -- fantasy-comedy
The Count's Wooing (1909) -- comedy
The Fatal Ball; or, The Miner's Daughter (1909)
For Sale: a Baby (1909)
For the Cause of Suffrage (1909)
Fortune Favours the Brave (a.k.a. Fortune Favors the Brave) (1909) -- western
La Gigue Merveilleuse (1909) -- lost film
The Hypnotist's Revenge (1909) -- lost
Les Illusions Fantaisistes (1909) -- fantasy
Le Locataire Diabolique (a.k.a. The Devilish Tenant) (1909) -- fantasy-comedy
Le Mousquetaire de la Reine (a.k.a. The Queen's Musketeer) (1909) -- lost
Mrs. and Mr. Duff (1909) -- lost
Le Papillon Fantastique (1909)
La Poupée Vivante (a.k.a. The Living Doll) (1909) -- lost
The Red Star Inn (1909)
Seein' Things (1909) -- lost
A Tumultuous Elopement (1909) -- lost

Apparitions Fantômatiques (1910) -- lost film
Le Conte du Vieux Talute (1910) -- lost
Fin de Réveillon (1910) -- lost
Galatée (1910) -- lost
Guérison de l'Obésité en 5 Minutes (a.k.a. Curing Obesity in 5 Minutes) (1910) -- lost
Hydrothérapie Fantastique (a.k.a. The Doctor's Secret; El Secreto del Doctor) (1910) -- comedy
L'Homme aux Mille Inventions (1910) -- lost
Les Sept Barres d'Or (1910) -- lost
Si j'Étais le Roi (1910) -- lost
Un Homme Comme Il Faut (1910) -- lost
Le Vitrail Diabolique (1910) -- fantasy

Les Aventures de Baron de Munchhausen (a.k.a. Baron Munchausen's Dream; The Hallucinations of Baron Munchausen) (1911) -- fantasy-comedy
Mexican as It Is Spoken (1911) -- comedy
The Mission Waif (1911) -- western
The Ranchman's Debt of Honor (1911) -- western
Right or Wrong (1911) -- drama
The Stolen Grey (1911) -- western
Tommy's Rocking Horse (1911) -- drama

À la Conquête du Pôle (a.k.a. A la Conquista del Polo; Alla Conquista del Polo; Die Eroberung des Pols; The Conquest of the Pole) (1912) -- sci-fi
Cendrillon ou La Pantoufle Merveilleuse (a.k.a. Cenicienta o la Zapatilla de Cristal; Cinderella or The Glass Slipper) (1912) -- fantasy
Le Chevalier des Neiges (a.k.a. The Knight of the Snow) (1912)
The Ghost of Sulphur Mountain (1912) -- western
The Prisoner's Story (1912) -- drama

Le Voyage de la Famille Bourrichon (1913)

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