Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Commoneltha -- The Vampire Lady

Commoneltha the Vampire Lady, is an almost forgotten horror icon from the 1960's. The character was portrayed by the ever classy Marilyn Eastman and was constantly appearing in commercials for Commonwealth Plumbing and Heating. The commercials were written by longtime creative partner Karl Hardman (Santa Claws). Both Eastman and Hardman are, perhaps, best remembered for their roles as the dysfunctional couple, Mr. & Mrs. Cooper, from the 1968 horror classic Night of the Living Dead

These vintage commercials would air during the Chiller Theater movie nights on Pittsburgh's WIIC-TV (Channel 11), which were hosted by Bill "Chilly Billy" Cardille (who also had a role in NOLD)! Although very popular at the time, any images or media of this sultry vampire vixen has been extremely elusive for Sicko-Psychotic to obtain. Nonetheless, SP is proud to pay tribute to one of the first famous horror characters of television.

Included down below is a list of credits that span the modest career of the incredible Marilyn Eastman. And if anyone has photographs or video footage of Commoneltha, please feel free to share them. Many of her fans, including yours gruely, would love to see them!

Various regional theatre productions
Weather spokesperson
Television commercials
Popular local radio shows
Commonwealth Plumbing and Heating commericials (1960s)
Perry Mason "The Case of the Ominous Outcast" (1960, TV series)
Night of the Living Dead (1968)
Terror in the Aisles (1984, documentary)
Night of the Living Dead: 25th Anniversary Documentary (1993, documentary)
Houseguest (1995)
Santa Claws (1996)
A-Z of Horror (1997, TV mini-series documentary)
One for the Fire: The Legacy of 'Night of the Living Dead' (2008, documentary)
Autopsy of the Dead (2009, documentary)
Zombies: A Living History (2011, documentary)

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