Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Sicko-Psychotic on the Monster Movie Night Special!

The cast of Sicko-Psychotic rounded out the year with an appearance on horror host Bobby Gammonster's "Monster Movie Night 2016 Yule Scaremas Special." What better way to end the 2016 year than by treating viewers to one last night of fright and chuckles with friend to all hosts, Bobby Gammonster. Also appearing in this wonderful holiday Special were a slew of horror hosts from all across the country (Arachna & Deadly, Count Gore De Vol, Dr. Paul Bearer II, Danvers, Slash, Sluggo Gonzales, and Vincent Grimmly). The Special featured the notoriously gruesome holiday slasher flick from 1984, "Don't Open Till Christmas." You can join in the fun and catch the full Special on YouTube ( or at the Monster Movie Night website ( 

Below is the scene featuring Sicko-Psychotic, Cameo, Mr. Nasty, and Silky Harlot wishing Bobby and Boris T. Buzzard "Seasons Screamings."


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