Friday, February 17, 2012

Giant Robo (a.k.a. Toshiyuki Tsuchiyama)

He flew; he delivered mega-punches; sported a flame-thrower inside his mouth; and had an array of destructive arsenal at his disposal... including shooting missiles from his metallic fingertips. He was GIANT ROBO! and he was built to resemble the great pharaohs of ancient Egypt. This super-bot aided young Daisaku Kusama (Johnny Sokko in the U.S. version) in battling giant monsters unleashed by an organization of alien invaders called Big Fire (or the Gargoyle Gang in the U.S.) in every episode of the Japanese TV series Jaianto Robo (1967-1968). Giant Robo made his debut in a popular comic strip before he got his own TV show. By 1970, several episodes were compiled into a feature length film called Voyage Into Space, which in turn, motivated the U.S. to re-release the original TV series in syndication. The show was now called Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot and several editing changes were made for the American audience who warmly embraced this fantastic creation. Today, Giant Robo has become a cult-favorite franchise, with toys, comic books, and animated cartoons in high demand from long adoring fans. The origin and background stories of Giant Robo continue to evolve, but his unique appearance remains unmistakable. Toshiyuki Tsuchiyama had the honors of playing Giant Robo in the TV series. He immediately went on to appear in several action films until the mid-1970s. Here, Sicko-Psychotic has listed his and Giant Robo's credits, including comic book appearances. I welcome and encourage GR fans to help add onto this list, either now or in the following years.

Weekly Shonen Sunday: "Giant Robo" (1967) -- magazine featured comic strip by Mitsuteru Yokoyama
Jaianto Robo (1967-1968; a.k.a. Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot) -- TV series, featuring Toshiyuki Tsuchiyama as Giant Robo
Shôwa Zankyô-den: Karajishi Jingi (1969; a.k.a. Chivalrous Tales of the Shôwa Era: The Duty of a Lion; Brutal Tales of Chivalry) -- featuring Toshiyuki Tsuchiyama
Shôwa Zankyô-den: Shinde Moraimasu (1970; a.k.a. Chivalrous Tales of the Shôwa Era: Hell Is Man's Destiny) -- featuring Toshiyuki Tsuchiyama
Yakuza Deka (1970; a.k.a. Gangster Cop) -- featuring Toshiyuki Tsuchiyama
Voyage Into Space (1970) -- movie made from compilation of JAIANTO ROBO TV series episodes
Joshuu Sasori: Kemono-beya (1973; a.k.a. Female Prisoner Scorpion: Beast Stable) -- featuring Toshiyuki Tsuchiyama
Onna Hissatsu Ken (1974; a.k.a. Sister Street Fighter; Female Fighting Fist in Danger) -- featuring Toshiyuki Tsuchiyama
Onna Hissatsu Ken: Kiki Ippatsu (1974; a.k.a. Sister Street Fighter: Hanging by a Thread) -- featuring Toshiyuki Tsuchiyama
Shinkansen Daibakuha (1975; a.k.a. Super-Express 109; Bullet Train) -- featuring Toshiyuki Tsuchiyama
Shôrinji Kenpô (1976; a.k.a. The Killing Machine) -- featuring Toshiyuki Tsuchiyama
Jaianto Robo: Animeshon (1992-1998; a.k.a. Giant Robo: The Day the Earth Stood Still) -- video series featuring Giant Robo
Giant Robo: Chikyuu no Moetsukiru Hi (1992-1993) -- comic book series by Yasuhiro Imagawa
Giant Robo: The Day the Earth Stood Still (1993) -- novelization by Hiroshi Yamaguchi
Screwed (2000) -- features scenes from VOYAGE INTO SPACE
Jaianto Robo - Tanjō-hen (2002 ; a.k.a. Giant Robo: The Beginning) -- 3-issue comic book series
Giant Robo: The Day the Earth Burned (2006) -- manga comic book series
GR: Giant Robo (2007; a.k.a. Giant Robo 40th Anniversary) -- animated TV series featuring Giant Robo



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