SICKO-PSYCHOTIC, KING OF GHOULZ. Horror host and sadistic ghoul from Schlockuvania, who was forced to flee his homeland because the local villagers did not appreciate his choice of films. Seeking refuge in the City of Sin (a.k.a. Las Vegas), ol' Sicko found himself a "rad new pad" near the cemetery where he resumes his wicked ways. He's a cannibal and certifiably insane.

SILKY HARLOT. Also a fugitive from Schlockuvania, Silky is Sicko-Psychotic's giant venomous spider. As her name implies, she's a bit randy and enjoys romantic pastimes such as snacking on fish eggs under the moonlight and luring tourists to her parlor. Easily jealous and overly protective of Sicko, Silky can become quite vicious and deadly whenever others (even relatives) get too close to the ghoul. The only female Silky fears is SP's mother, Mama Lilith.

CAMEO. His real name is Horatio Hughes, age 39. He was once a British hotel clerk who went to prison for murdering his unbearable wife. After his escape, he made his way to Las Vegas, as most criminals do, and found himself an abandoned shack to squat in. Unfortunately for Horatio, Sicko-Psychotic soon took over the Sick-Shack, murdered him, ate him, trapped his soul inside a camera obscura, and renamed him. Poor Cameo now finds himself constantly tormented by Silky and forced to project Sicko's unsavory trash flicks to viewers.

MR. NASTY. Sometimes referred to as NUMBER 13, Mr. Nasty was the 13th in a line of henchman in Sicko-Psychotic's service back in Schlockuvania. This serial killer once terrorized the countryside, torturing and cannibalizing his victims inside the castle's dungeon playroom. When the castle was raided by angry villagers, Mr. Nasty was caught and his face was severely mutilated. After his tongue was removed, this menacing behemoth murdered his assigned executioner and followed Sicko-Psychotic and Silky Harlot to the U.S. where he continues to serve loyally. Mr. Nasty now keeps his face hidden behind masks and is only able to communicate by grunts and growls. He's also single, so if anyone is interested...?

MAMA LILITH. She is the greatly feared and powerful first woman of legend. However, because of her immortality and age, very little surprises or amuses her. In fact, much of her recreational time is spent conserving her energy. Sicko-Psychotic, King of Ghoulz, is only one of many bastard children she has spawned and unleashed into the mortal world. She is also very close to her younger sibling, a bungling old witch named Aunt Clarice.

AUNT CLARICE. Sicko-Psychotic's kookie hippie aunt. Although Clarice has a close relationship with her older sister, Mama Lilith, the eccentric old witch is a nuisance to Sicko-Psychotic and is a jealous rival of Silky Harlot. Often bungling and a bit spacey, she is nonetheless a powerful witch with quite an adventurous and mischievous streak in her. Unfortunately for Cameo, he has become the recipient of Aunt Clarice's affections and she's the only one who can help free him from an afterlife trapped inside a camera obscura box. Thanks to Sicko's treachery, she currently resides in a comatose state on the Sick-Shack's roof until true love's kiss awakens her from her slumber. 

DRAKE & SHADE. The Sick-Shack's dangerous household plants: Drake the mandrake and Shade, a deadly nightshade.


JIM CHILDS (executive producer; director; writer, actor) portrays the wickedly mirthful Sicko-Psychotic, King of Ghoulz, and provides the voice of the ever so ostentatious Cameo the magic, talking camera obscura. From silent screams and classic Universal monsters to giant creatures from the Atomic Age and slasher flicks, Mr. Childs has always had a love for horror movies. In fact, when he was only two-years-old, the first motion picture his mother took him to go see was The Exorcist (1973). He enjoyed every minute of it! Childs' previous experience in the theatre, as both performer and tech crew, has prepared him for the task of having to wear many hats during the development stage, filming, and post-production of the Sicko-Psychotic show. His film and television acting credits include: Conspiracy Theory, Big Bad Beetleborgs, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Sliders, Hey Hey It's the Monkees, etc.

JOHNATHON DUNN (actor; camera; puppeteer) A native of Las Vegas, Mr. Dunn leads an active and productive lifestyle involving numerous organizations, events, projects, and activities. Considering that his attention is often given to so many people and various causes, we are lucky to have him dedicate himself to the show. Whether it's puppeteering, building props, operating the camera, or appearing as a character, Dunn has been a major team player in the production. His personal interests include reading, hiking, camping, and cooking. In fact, he is currently studying for a career as a chef.

BETSY LUTES-EADEH (art director; camera; visual editor) Every mad creator needs an invaluable assistant and without Betsy's aid there never would have been a Sicko-Psychotic show. From artwork, to props, and making puppets, she is constantly concocting something fiendishly fun for the program and production company. As if that weren't enough, she also works in other various areas, such as camera and visual editing, etc. Betsy was born in the deep woods of an Indiana art colony. Tired of painting barns and landscapes, she went to school to learn Commercial Art, mad-man style. With the invention of Macintosh computers, Betsy became a whiz at Photoshop and loves nothing more than using the clone tool! Alas, her overuse of the cloning tool has given her a Dr. Frankenstein complex. So, beware when she approaches you with her camera... you might be the next monster she unleashes on her website!

JEROME P EADEH (music director, composer; editor, voice-overs) During his childhood, it was said that Jerome’s style of percussion was “TOO LOUD,” but when your drumsticks are wooden spoons and your drums are spaghetti pots, you are king of sound. When he went to college, he changed up his equipment and raised the roof with his dynamic playing and his pursuit of the perfect sound, which led him into the world of Audio Engineering. Now, he uses all of his musical knowledge to entertain us, amaze us, and help us keep the beat! Jerome's endless generosity in contributing his time and talent, as well as his ideas, has made him invaluable to the show. In addition to composing music for Sicko-Psychotic Productions LLC, he also lends his voice for narration and as Silky Harlot's infectious kisses... I mean HISSES. I kid you not!

DEMOSTHENES PAPAELIOU (actor; voice-overs) took on the role of Sicko's homicidal, yet loyal, henchman, Mr. Nasty. Although the character is mute and his face is always hidden behind a mask, Papaeliou can be seen and heard on occasion as other characters on the show. During his premature mid-life crisis, Papaeliou joined the minions of horror fans, but occasionally retreats to a comfort zone provided by sports and comedic celluloid whenever he gets too frightened by robot monsters and red jello from outer space. Speaking of sports and comedy flicks, the Big 'D' can be seen briefly in the motion picture Major League (1989).

ZUSIE UMALI (actress) Umali was one of the original members of the team when the very first potential script was written. Although drastic changes were made and very little of the original Sicko-Psychotic show concept survived these changes, she has managed to adapt and remain an important asset. Bright and beautiful, Umali has adjusted from working behind-the-scenes to being in front of the camera. She plays the recurring part of the mythical Mama Lilith, Sicko's very own mother! Keep your eye(s) out for this one!

ALEX WENTZ (actor, technical support) Silent and reserved, this enigmatic member of the cast and crew keeps himself shrouded in mystery among the craziness and chaos that goes into making each episode. What we DO know about him is that he is a French-trained chef who attained his skills as an apprentice to two actual master French chefs, which makes him the perfect choice for filling in as the cannibalistic Mr. Nasty whenever Demosthenes Papaeliou's day job interferes and shackles him in front of a desk. Furthermore, Wentz, is accomplished in the martial arts, which comes in handy when he is assigned technical support duties and whenever Sicko gets out of hand. What else? Hmmm. Dogs seem to follow him around wherever he goes. Strange. Very strange....


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