Thursday, September 1, 2016

FREE Halloween DVDs from UN TV!

Message from Underground TV. If interested, let Joshu Hartman know on his Facebook page: 
"Hello Haunters!
As part of a promotion for the internet TV station UNtv WWW.FREEUNDERGROUNDTV.COM , We are putting together a Free Halloween DVD for people to play at their haunts be it either in the queue lines, separate screening areas or where ever you may like. Even if you want the DVD just to play during Trick or Treat that’s fine by us. The DVDs will contain Spooky clips from Classic Horror Movies, Retro Trailers and other little Halloween tidbits sprinkled throughout. The DVDs will come in “Safe” and “Mature” versions with content altered to suit each need (ex. No blood or Cussing in the “Safe” ver). Currently, runtimes are estimated to be about 1.5 hr. -2 hr. long. The Video will be free and in DVD and digital download.
I’m looking for interest and feedback at this point and trying to get a feel for how many to make. Are there any Haunters/Haunt Owners, Professional or Hobbiest, who would be interested in something like this?"

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