Sunday, January 25, 2015

Midstream (1929)


Director: James Flood
Script: Fanny Hatton, Frederic Hatton
Cast: Claire Windsor, Ricardo Cortez, Montagu Love,
Larry Kent, Helen Jerome Eddy, Leslie Brigham

James, an aging, but highly respected businessman in Wall Street, takes drastic measures when he falls for a beautiful young woman. After traveling to Berlin and undergoing a secret treatment that would restore his youth and vitality, James fakes his own death, assumes the identity of a fictitious nephew, and returns to claim the woman he is so desperately in love with. When he and his beloved attend a production of Charles Gounod's opera "Faust," James is unnerved by how closely the tale mirrors his own life of deception. James' fiancé witnesses his shocking breakdown and is horrified to learn the truth when he reverts back to an elderly man. It's uncertain whether a complete version of the silent film survives today. Only the sound segment of the opera performance has resurfaced and has been shared with the public.

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